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His development


The origin of the word ASLANDO comes from the most powerful land animal, the lion "ASLAN", where it means in combination with the syllable "DO = way" "the path of the lion". In the technical sense ASLANDO is a Turkish war and martial art that focuses not only on the foot-hand combination, but also includes the necessary needs of other martial arts styles and techniques. ASLANDO is especially taught security forces and SWAT teams.

ASLANDO has developed with logic based on reality, speed, practice and effectiveness to a natural, wise war and defense art that frees the mind from all unnecessary. ASLANDO used for 50% to 50% kicking techniques and striking techniques, however, are not monotone sequences, but consist of principles. This is one of the most important factors that combined with the reality that speed, practice and effectiveness of the loss of time of self-defense in almost all conflict situations that may occur to reduce to a minimum to zero and usually contribute to a rapid de-escalation. ASLANDO students taught without much effort not to see the enemys strength as an obstacle, but reverse to their own advantage and not only against an opponent, if need be without stress and with fluid movements to act simultaneously against multiple opponents. The harmony of body and soul plays an important role. The preparation of this harmony teaches ASLANDO also. Due to the continual repetition of already mastered techniques, each technique developed during the study time for reflection. This is also an important factor that contributes to minimizing the time loss in a conflict situation. During the study period the students ASLANDO integrity, kindness, patience, love and respect are taught. The intelligence evolved and helps that the ASLANDO student or just an athlete can move independently, by developing its own movements. ASLANDO is therefore for athletes who do not come from the martial arts area, also suitable. The physical fitness and mobility to be developed. The self-confidence and self-esteem increase, the concentration being developed so that one learns to restrain his lust or desire. Man learns the immediate, wise and proper movement against the enemy in a conflict situation. ASLANDO is a training method that achieved by practical thinking success, which divides the power between body and mind and develop concentration. ASLANDO strengthens the human character, the ability to learn and teach tolerance. The most important factor that ASLANDO different from other martial arts is, that is focused on the most vulnerable points of the human body. ASLANDO is generally carried out without the use of weapons. However ASLANDO also teaches almost every object you see and touch, to use as a weapon. ASLANDO has a specially developed self-defense system against almost all types of armed and unarmed attacks. The anatomy of the body is irrelevant in ASLANDO. Anyone who wants to learn ASLANDO will find its place in the system and is very welcome.
ASLANDO is a martial art that is not based on performance. The origin is rather based on the desire to be able to defend itself against a stronger and more powerful opponents themselves. The art is on the implication of the attack by the enemy in his own strength and defense, with the result: "For attack follows defense". This means the attack to anticipate and neutralize the enemy during his confusion by using the element of surprise.
Self-defense and foreign protection is technically at ASLANDO, tactically, mentally, psychologically, with speed, endurance, strength, flexibility and agility developed to the highest possible level.

If we look at acts of violence and even murder in detail, ASLANDO represents the purposes of the defense is a self-evidence does not need to be further substantiated. Although a ASLANDO-KA to make the opponent calmly defended only by his learned education himself, he has no need to prove it. Because his best evidence is the athletic graduation he owns. A ASLANDO-KA will never apply the know-how of fatal beating in a street fight, if necessary, he will even insert some lighter strokes deliberately.

ASLANDO beginners may have a hard time of discipline and willpower that is necessary for the physiological sports exercises and self-control of the "DO" philosophy. If its the "DO" philosophy did not exist, people whose instincts and feelings are aggressive pronounced would use the techniques learned in any kind of confrontation with other people and even make mistakes, you can not undo. They would be a ticking time bomb. The "DO" sounds sometimes meaningless, however, is very important in reality. Although ASLANDO is a martial art, with hands and feet are used, it is equally a physical and mental motivation. ASLANDO is an art whose goal is not the victory, but the formation of the ethos and character.
The ASLANDO training is barefoot and in-house ASLANDO instead of uniform. The experience and Meistergraduierungen be testified by the color of the belt at ASLANDO, as it is in other Far Eastern martial arts, which is bound on the uniform.

Each ASLANDO-KA initially gets a white belt. Over time, the ASLANDO at belt tests his skills, which he has acquired in training to the test and has the opportunity to be a belt stepped up, which then has a different color. To simplify the graduation, is located within two belt colors an intermediate color. Belt tests are held every four months, which is in exceptionally good performance has the possibility to skip the intermediate color. From 1st Dan (San), the period of belt test after the Dan (San) stage, which is described below changes.

The black belt is the highest level that can be achieved at ASLANDO and also account for teaching ASLANDO art, which, however, is also divided into stages. These are:

1st Dan (San); 2nd Dan (San); 3rd Dan (San); 4.Dan (San); 5th Dan (San); 6.Dan (San); 7th Dan (San); 8th Dan (San); 9th Dan (San); 10.Dan (San); The stage of the Dan (San) corresponds to the years when the next belt test for the next higher Dan (San) can be stored. If, for. Example the 4.Dan (San) has you have to wait four years and then in a renewed Belt Testing for 5th Dan (San) put his skills.
A ASLANDO-KA must be completed at least 15 years of age have to be eligible for the belt test for the black belt. If his age is not entitled to it for the black belt test, he will receive laity belts, which are divided into three stages. The gradation of the belt are: 1 Toy; Second and third Toy Toy.

The ASLANDO study consists of several parts:

1st Training (basic rules of the art, sport physiological exercises, basic technical training, Bonnet simulation, training partners)
the second competition
3 tendons development

Technical terms and titles are in Turkish. To defend themselves against the increasing cases of pickpocketing / robbery, it is the best system. It is a system that everyone in the hall, and on the road at the age of 7 - 70 years can apply. It is a rigorous and disciplined approach needed to successfully reach the goal. Therefore, it is required by a ASLANDO-KA lot of patience and perseverance. For children, starting at a young age, the development of self-consciousness and behavior in public or community and respect are developed. Respect and discipline are the most important qualities of good athletes.
ASLANDO begins with courtesy and tolerance and ends with courtesy and tolerance.

ASLANDO-KA is always taught fair, impartial, tolerant, to be a useful person to the community and to distinguish right from wrong.