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Founder of the World Aslando Federation

The Founder of the World Aslando Federation introduced us to the sport of Aslando, which is a Turkish interaction tool and almost an art form. The Turkish martial art Aslando has been developed with the aim of keeping our history, which is intelligent, hardworking, just, tolerant, strong and heroic, alive and introducing it to the world. The basic philosophy of Aslando, which is among the Turkish war sports, is to raise athletes who always favor peace and tolerance, but who know how to protect themselves by using their power in a fair way when necessary. With the martial arts of defense, it is aimed to protect oneself against all kinds of dangers. Turkish Martial Arts Federation is trying to promote Aslando, which is the best alternative for eliminating dangers without experiencing heavy physical conflicts, on the way to becoming a widely known sport all over the world.

The Founder of Aslando has developed this special sport as a martial art. Assimilating the Turkish martial arts philosophy, Aslando is a technique to quickly and logically confront dangers. Aslando is one of the easiest Turkish martial arts to learn due to its technical and tactical structure. Anyone who wishes can take their place in this system without exception and become a good Aslando player with the training to be given. He developed Aslando, the founder of Turkish martial arts, to provide both physical development and spiritual motivation. The physical and spiritual change experienced in education shows itself in a way that is reflected in their daily lives.